face reparing brightening cream
( Power of Glutathione)


Say Hello to your brighter skin

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Say Hello to your brighter skin


This Face Repairing Brightening Cream is suitable for all skin types and provides several skin advantages. A product with such a light texture that it absorbs quickly and instantly brightens your complexion. It moisturises and refreshes your skin cells while preventing pore-clogging. It has a visible plumping effect, making you appear more fresh, youthful, and less drab. This Face Repairing Brightening Cream is long-lasting and makes you feel peaceful and comforting all day. It’s actually FOOD for your skin!


  • Glutathione brightens Your skin and Improve skin elasticity
  • Kojic acid and Vitamin C are anti-pigmentation, improves uneven skin tone
  • It Prevents dryness & dullness
  • Natural plant components in Face Repairing Brightening Cream┬áhave a strong antioxidant action that helps to speed up the healing process while also providing an even skin tone.
  • Its components have been clinically proven to assist restore melanin production and repair UV damage.
  • Kojic acid help in fading age spots
  • Vitamin E is super moisturizing & nourishing

How To Use

  • Before sleeping at night wash your face and pat dry.
  • Take some night cream onto your palm, apply liberally on your face and neck.
  • Gently use your fingertips to evenly massage the cream onto the face and neck.
  • Leave it on overnight.


Face repairing Glutathione Cream created with a unique formula with Glutathione as the base and Vitamin C as the supporting ingredient that enhances the performance of glutathione. It contains L-Glutathione 2% (U.S.P Grade) with the added advantage of kojic Acid, Vit A, C & E.



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( Power of Glutathione)”

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